DKM Computer Print is a major manufacturer of printed forms for all types of business across the British Isles.

We manufacture Continuous forms, corporate cheques, ncr duplicate books & sets, office stationery, laser sheets, register sets, self-adhesive labels.

DKM was formed in 1980 and has continually invested in equipment and technology. We have been the largest forms producer in Northern Ireland for many years, and have introduced a very competitive edge which is appreciated by so many of our customers, some of whom we have retained for several decades.

The company is family-owned, everyone in the company is involved in production, either directly or indirectly, and is responsible to our customers. You will find our staff friendly and highly-capable, backed-up not only by advanced computer systems... but also a flexible approach.
We are centrally-located in Northern Ireland, outside a major town, and only twenty minutes from the ports of Larne or Belfast, This makes deliveries to all parts of the British Isles very efficient and competitive by road transport.

DKM service is comprehensive, and includes:
- The most competitive prices on all of our products.
- Flexibility in meeting delivery dates.
- Advanced design using the latest technology.
- Unequalled print-quality levels.
- Cheque & Credit Clearing Company accreditation for cheque   production.
- Management of re-ordering can be tailored to ensure you are   never out-of-stock.

We hope that you will rely on DKM as your automatic choice for all business forms.